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Sow EP
Sow EP by The Rock Music

© 2013 The Rock Music

Though only five songs in length, the "Sow" EP provides an eclectic offering of the latest music available from the artists of The Rock Music. "From Down Here" and "Owe it All to You" incorporate elements of Americana. "Holy" and "Your Love," are simultaneously aggressive and melodic. The EP's piano-driven closing track, "Love’s Demands" is reminiscent of an earlier era of rock and roll. Though diverse in sound, a unifying theme of humble adoration of Jesus Christ is knit into each of these songs.

Released 2013 • 5 songs • 25 min

  1. From Down Here


  2. Your Love


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  3. Owe It All to You


  4. Holy


  5. Love's Demand